Indian NetBanking

An alternative and almost equally as popular payment method for ecommerce in India is NetBanking. RupeePayments offers this solution via an API which enables ecommerce merchants to offer NetBanking as a checkout option for their clients for both deposits, to make purchases for products or services as well as payouts for the same.

India’s NetBanking has multiple payments and settlement systems and via NetBanking we offer integration to 61 of India’s domestic banks, which offers access to all banking across India. Our NetBanking solutions covers automated payments and allows clients to login

The process is as follows:-

  1. Client selects amount to deposit on the eCommerce website
  2. Client checks out and then goes to the ecommerce merchant’s cashier
  3. Client is presented with a number of payment options and selects NetBanking
  4. A page is displayed showing a total number of 61 domestic banks available in India
  5. Client selects their bank to pay from
  6. Client logs into the bank using the usual bank’s login method
  7. Once the client is logged into their bank the amount chosen to deposit on the merchant’s or operator’s website is prefilled along with the destination coordinates. Client cannot edit the amount nor the destination coordinates.
  8. Client selects submit on their bank login
  9. Client receives an OTP via SMS
  10. Client enters OTP validation into their NetBanking Page
  11. Client goes back to the merchant page and receives a success or failure message